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Reimagining the Intersections of Nature and Technology

Aronia Advantage, a subsidiary of Aronia Growers and Processors, is committed to enhancing the health and wellbeing of people everywhere by leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve the natural medicines we rely on.

By harnessing the power of nature's most potent medicinal berry, the Aronia berry, Aronia Advantage empowers people everywhere to take charge of their health and enjoy healing alternatives outside of traditional treatment plans plagued by harmful substances and unfulfilled promises.

Keeping Nature in the All-Natural

While many of today's wellness products claim to be all-natural, the manufacturing process often strips most of the natural qualities from the plants, berries, and nutrients used to make them.

Aronia Growers and Processors and Aronia Advantage seek to change these trends, striving to keep nature in the all natural.

Through our cutting-edge LipidBond™ process, we’re transforming the way natural products are created and consumed, giving consumers highly effective products they can trust are truly all-natural.

In creating the LipidBond™ process for cannabis extracts, the Aronia Growers and Processors team discovered a multitude of additional use cases, especially in harnessing the power of the Aronia berry.  

Through this process, which relies on the entourage effect, the full power of plants and berries is harnessed, improving wellness outcomes. Instead of extracting for only one benefit, the LipidBond™  process allows for a more comprehensive extraction—an entourage of benefits--thus delivering a product to the consumer that is truer in nature than traditional extraction processes allow for.

Leveraging the power of the  LipidBond™ process, Aronia Advantage offers consumers highly effective, great tasting, truly all-natural products crafted from Aronia berries without detracting from the berry’s many benefits.

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